Group therapy

“encouraging presence, connection and aliveness…”

handsup www.lijfenleven.nuOver and again you find yourself getting stuck in the same patterns? You suffer from stress, feel isolated and alone, depressed or anxious? Is your life not where you thought it would be? Group therapy
If you could do with some more color, joy and aliveness in your day-to-day life and you are willing to work with yourself, consider joining a Gestalt therapy group!

Group therapy: Take the challenge!
Working in a Gestalt group can be very challenging. These groups are specially designed to enhance awareness, support personal growth and help you become fully alive – now!
Gestalt is not just a talking therapy: a variety of techniques can be used to enhance awareness and learning, including movement, body work, meditation or working in pairs.

Exploring oneself
Being in a safe environment provides an opportunity for you to explore yourself, your emotions, relationships and current life situations. Over time, it can become a “mirror” to your life, enabling you to see more clearly your personal themes, needs, dreams and habitual ways of satisfying or frustrating yourself.
The group can be a real support and stimulus to your personal development. You can experiment with: new ways of relating in the present, extending your range of behaviour and ways of dealing with issues from the “past”, releasing yourself to present living with more interest and energy. Group therapy.

What to expect?
Members develop close attachments and experience the group as a supportive environment. This tends to allow you to feel safe, be more vulnerable and, consequently, more inclined to take on the issues that keep getting in your way. In addition, watching other group members confront emotional challenges can give you the courage you need to address your own issues.

This mixed group is suitable for those with and those without previous therapy experience.

Structure of the group therapy
The group has a maximum of 8 participants.
New members join periodically when space is available and you may enquire at any time. Before joining the group, a short informal interview to discuss the group and your needs is part of the procedure.

Group sessions run on Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm until 10.00 pm.
The group is continuous, and is organized in blocks of 7 sessions and a weekend.
We meet every other (even) week on Thursdays (except bank holidays). The weekend runs from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and will be scheduled in the middle of every block. Participation for the 7 sessions and the weekend is highly desirable. These groups will be closed to new members on starting a new block of 7 sessions. After a block of 7, members can carry on for a further block of 7 or terminate.

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Cost: € 35,-per session/ € 105,- for a weekend. My services are covered by most Dutch health insurance companies. Adjusted fees apply to people with an average family income under € 2000. 10% discount when a full block is paid in advance.

New groups: are starting Thursday  2016  –  8th of December 2016 and 13th of April 2017.

FREE introductory session on Monday, November 28th 7.30 PM – if you want totake part, please sign up through email.

Contact me for details: or give me a call on +31 (0)6-24 66 73 02