A good relationship with yourself

One of the defining principles of Gestalt therapy is an emphasis on contact. The possibility of healthy contact with yourself, with others, with your environment is a first sign of psychological well-being. How to create a good relationship with yourself?

What surprises some people is that one of the most important relationships we have, is the one with ourself. We have thoughts about ourself, we have feelings about ourself, we are talking to ourself…, so we do have a relationship with ourself! And this relationship is fundamental for all other relationships that we have.
“It’s not easy .. I think I’ve lost myself.” Many people use this phrase when they experience stress or when they lose connection with their own identity and what they want. Then they say, “I lost myself .. I don’t know who I am, what I want or what I actually think is important to me.”

Finding yourself again starts with restoring the relationship with yourself. Then you discover how you see yourself and how you behave towards yourself. The difference determines the degree of happiness and your relationships with others.
What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Do you approach yourself in a friendly and compassionate manner? Or do you tend to be harsh and unkind to yourself?
The best way to “find yourself” or improve the relationship with yourself and others is to practice in a supportive environment. Bring back vitality in your life, in your body or your relationships. In an atmosphere where you feel at ease, you get the opportunity to gain new experiences and make new steps. Maybe there is something that suits you too.