An open letter to existence

My dearest life,

I see you reflected in my fear, sadness and my moments of futility. Fortunately, you also take part in my affection, my desire, optimism and confidence. Yet you confront me with so many different questions. I would like to take this opportunity to share some with you.

Why is it, that we all react so differently to you, life? How do you get it done that one hates himself when looking in the mirror, while another experiences the most intimate moments while being in your company? How come you are despised by some, while others adore you from their innermost being? Is that you or is it just us?open-letter-to-existence

Life, how is it that some people live you in the here and now, while others undergo a continuous stream of worries about the present and the future? Why do some consider you sacred, while others talk about you as an outright curse or burden? Life, do you always tend to take control of the steering wheel? Are we ever in control?

Why is it that some people have only short time to be in your company, while others get a century or more? Life, how is it that some people view you as a “land of experiences”, while others invest too much emotion to ever take part in other things you have to offer?

Offering guarantees has never been part of your nature, has it? We tumble into existence and the clock starts ticking. Life, why do we constantly have to respond to the continuously changing present. Can’t we just spend some time musing about our life without being bothered by your ongoing game?

Are you really that clean sheet that some people like to see in you? Is it realistic that each new situation offers an option more worthy of choice than other options?

So we’re supposed to be companions, aren’t we? In that case, I would like to be friends with you. I would like to spend some time in getting to know you better. We could have nice conversations and hopefully share share some meaningful moments. It may help me in understanding the game that you offer.

Is that what you want, life?

best,  Hein