Night hike

night hike 2

A journey…
A lot of people go on a journey with a silent desire. Travelling is all about challenging yourself to experience things differently. We secrety long for a new perspective, new insights, a broader horizon… Did you ever go on a journey secretly hoping for things in life to change? A night hike offers a range of new experiences in a nutshell. If you approach it with an open mind and let your sense of wonder take over, it can be an experience you won’t forget soon.

through the night …night hike

When you go hiking after sunset, you force your senses — especially hearing and smell — into high gear. Your eyes will no longer be able to deliver the same amount of sensory information to your brain. On a night hike, you have the chance to explore the nocturnal world like a foreign land.

At the same time the surrounding darkness forces you to adjust your attitude: you’ll have to slow down. To hike at night, is to intentionally allow yourself to slip out of your comfort zone and connect with yourself and your surroundings in a new and interesting way.

for men!

Men have their own way of reasoning and communicating. Being on the journey with other men creates a bond. The conditions make it easy for open and meaningful conversations to arise. When walking you have time to think and share about your life, your work, your relationship or about whatever is currently happening in your life. In an atmosphere where you feel at ease you get to speak about things that stay hidden in the rush of everyday life.

Program: We come together in Maastricht on Friday evening at 8 PM. The first challenge to be faced is to prepare an outdoor meal together. As our aim is to walk until dawn, we need  some good food. Depending on the season, you should be prepared for at least six hours of walking. Wherever we go: taking good care of ourselves and each other is part of the deal. On the way we try to find or make a shelter to take a rest or even catch some sleep. The next morning we have breakfast together before completing this adventure.

For whom? Night hikes are for men who like a challenge. Each hike can accommodate five to ten participants. Being on the road together offers an opportunity for personal encounters in an atmosphere of trust and friendship. It is not the performance, but the experience that counts!

When? September 11-12th , November 20-21st 2015 and January 23-24th 2016 – We regularly organise hikes in the night from Friday to Saturday, usually around full moon. Current information about this can be found in the agenda.

Where? Point of departure is Maastricht railway station. The next morning we travel back to Maastricht by public transport. From there we make our way back home.

What is required? Sturdy shoes, comfortable clothes and enough supplies to keep yourself alive and awake. More information will follow after registration.

Cost:  65 euro’s