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Do you feel anxious or lonely? Are you confronting events that leave you with a strong sence of powerlessness?

Maybe I can do something for you. In these difficult times, I am prepared to offer my broad experience as a therapist and spiritual counsellor to relieve distress where needed.

Because I know that many people are now also financially affected, I do this on donation basis. In this way I can offer you a supportive conversation during this quarantine period. Sign up for an online meeting via or leave a message via the website (under contact).



My name is Hein Kuipers and I am a qualified counselor and therapist, working in Maastricht. I provide face-to-face counseling for expatriates in a client-focused manner. My aim is to assist people who are experiencing problems or difficulties in their lives and to enable them to achieve greater balance. Therapy counseling in English

Existential counseling and Gestalt therapy

I work with people with a range of counseling needs, specific issues such as stress, burn-out, anxiety or depression, and with general issues that people come across in their daily lives dealing with relationships, health, work or self-image. Domains which I count among my areas of specialism include sexuality, anxiety, high sensitivity (HSP), burnout, depression and addiction. Therapy counseling in english
My main approach is from humanistic psychology. Both existential counseling and gestalt therapy fit into this holistic approach. It is based on addressing the whole person – mind, body and spirit. The counseling focuses on self-support and making choices that are in line with who you are.

Session details    I offer an initial consultation to all prospective clients. It is an opportunity for both of us to meet before committing to regular on-going therapy sessions. This meeting provides a chance for you to find out more about the counseling process and for me to find out about you, and to discuss what hopes and expectations you may have for the forthcoming therapy.

How many sessions do I need?   This depends on your question and your situation. The effect of the therapy is usually to be noticed after a few sessions. Subtle changes make clear that you are in a transitionprocess.

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Cost:     € 75,-per session (individual therapy) My services are covered by most dutch health insurance companies. Adjusted fees apply to people with an average family income under € 2000.

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